(Deutsch) Brav_a #3 Release-Lesung

[ 23. November 2013; 20:00; ] (Deutsch)
B-​La­ge, Ma­resch­stra­ße 1, Ber­lin-​Neu­kölln (S-Bhf Son­nen­al­lee)

End­lich ist es so­weit! Die Bra­v_a #3 ist fer­tig!! Eine Party auf die Beine zu stel­len, ist uns aus per­so­nel­lem Man­gel lei­der nicht ge­lun­gen, aber wir hof­fen, ihr wer­det auch mit einer ge­müt­li­chen Le­sung mit Ku­chen zu­fri­en­den sein :)

Die drit­te Aus­ga­be un­se­res un­kom­mer­zi­el­len queer-​fe­mi­nis­ti­schen Zines im Stil einer Tee­nie-​Zeit­schrift be­schäf­tigt sich wie­der mit wich­ti­gen The­men wie :

* On­line Da­ting
* In­terse­xua­li­tät
* Wahl­ver­wand­schaft
* das erste Mal
* Sze­ne­nor­ma­ti­vi­tät
* pein­li­chen Er­leb­nis­sen

…. und vie­lem mehr!

Bis dann!!


(Deutsch) Release Party „Die Preziöse“

[ 14. September 2013; 23:00; ] Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


Call for Submissions for the 3rd issue of Brav_a

[ 31. August 2013; ] Brav_a is a queer-feminist D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) zine, with partly serious, partly ironic content about topics like love, sex, (body-, relationship-, hetero-, homo-) normativity, polyamory, the queer-feminist scene and much more in the style of a teen-mag.

The first issue was released in July 2012, the 2nd came out in March 2013; now a 3rd [...]

(Deutsch) make out magazine #2 release

[ 30. March 2013; 19:00; ] Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

(Deutsch) Brav_a #2 Release-Lesung

[ 12. March 2013; 19:00; ] Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Fifty Million Billion Shades of Everything: Sex Writing Workshop

Other Nature, Mehringdamm 79

Explore the thrill of writing about pleasure and desire. Let’s be porn scriptwriters, horny warriors, naked poets, sleazy storytellers. We welcome hidden fantasies, all kinds of bodies and minds, physical and spiritual queerness, earthshaking vanilla orgasms. The idea is to experiment with various types of writing while learning about rhythm, tone and the power of pornographic and erotic texts. During the workshop we will run a series of simple and practical writing exercises to help develop personal style and voice in the creation of sexy texts from things we observe, experience or imagine. We will also write collectively, using cut-and-paste techniques. [...]

(Deutsch) Damenbar_t LT*FI-Tresen

[ 6. December 2012; 20:00; ] Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

pre-release/soliparty for mom #2

[ 3. November 2012; 22:00; ] südblock, admiralstr. 1-2

mom invites you to a night full of dirndel-lederhosen-jodel fun!

referring to the main topic of issue #2 it’s all about heidi, her friends and the mountains:
as a guest of the legendary her.story party we’re proud to present you the finest djs, a jodelcontest and the best heiditrashmovie ever made! bring a goat and get a mom for free! [...]

The misadventures of awkward queers #1 release party

[ 1. September 2012; 22:30; ]
FAQ Infoladen, Jonasstraße 40, Berlin Neukölln

The summer is almost over, the dates in the park are getting fewer and fewer the jeans shorts are going back into the wardrobe and finally issue#1 of the misadventure of awkward queers is being released …. whoop whoop!!! come to FAQ laden on 1st september to celebrate in ( awkward) style…

get down on the dancefloor to djanes >dis this thing > dj leosa + more
>enjoy awkward games…
>wall of awkwardness

limited zines on offer for the night at a sliding scale of 4-6€
Entry 1-2€ doors open 22:30

Spread the word!!!
facebook event:

Brav_a zine release party

[ 21. July 2012; 22:30; ]

FAQ Laden, Jonasstr. 40, Berlin

OMG, finally! The release party for our queer-feminist teen-mag satire, Brav_a! With:

Dj_anes: Very Serious// Dis This Thing// Fingerdance

PLUS: dancing
make up
spin the bottle
special guests
and MORE…

Entry €1 – 2, plus €1 discount off the zine (regular price €3). Bargain. [...]